Streaming TV

Streaming TV

There are now an estimated 63 Million cable tv “cord-cutters” in the United States. STV (Streaming TV) can make sure your brand gets in front of those that are most likely to buy an RV for much less than traditional TV advertising. Dealership Toolkit can produce your TV spot or we can use one you already have. Strategy includes targeting in-market audiences, demographics, zip codes, website visitors, and offline behaviors Geofence technology allows us to target a campground, neighborhood or a specific household.

We can utilize static ads, :15, :30, or :60 second video ads Dynamic Campaigns (DRIV) target consumers who have browsed your dealership inventory pages or have shown intent based on DTK’s Ghost Pixel. They re-engage users with customized Streaming Television Ads after they’ve left your store, with only the products or offers they’ve expressed an interest in.

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