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The YOD team will contact every unsold showroom shopper and determine the reason they did not purchase during the visit.

YOD Discovery

Here Is How It Works

Dealership Toolkit will contact every one of your unsold showroom visitors from the previous business day to determine why they left the dealership without purchasing.  Upon determining the reason, Real-Time alerts are sent to members of the management team which will allow you to TO and Save the deal, prevent poor CSI scores and bad reviews, as well as give you the data to provide coachable moments to your team.

A daily feed from your CRM, DMS, Desking Tool or Desk Log to the SIT Dashboard

Your Data

Real-Time Alerts are sent to key members of the management team allowing you to save the deal or prevent a bad online review.

Real-Time Alerts

"But My In-House BDC, Sales Manager or Receptionist Already Follows-Up With Customers."

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Research shows that in-house follow-up programs often fail to discover or disclose to management the full story behind unsuccessful sales attempts because of fear of reprisal and alienation.

Get The Full Unvarnished Truth

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See the results and run detailed reports for every unsold showroom visitor in the SIT Dashboard.

Look for trends, see your experience scores, determine which salespeople are letting you down

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