Did you know 2.4 million screens are available for advertising today in the US? Out of home advertising is in more places than you would think. Imagine being able to fully leverage this network of screens for your marketing purposes. We can help you!

SEO Tip: “Tiny Differences in Words Affect Rankings”

Oil Change vs Change Oil. The first could be seen as a service to buy where the second is an activity. Because of the full context of a search query, it may mean that substituting a word for its synonym won’t work because the substitution will change the meaning of the search query. The common approach to handle this is to choose the keywords with the most traffic and write articles about those keywords even though the site isn’t exactly about those keywords.

dealers can automatically select digital inventory

Long gone are the days when Out of Home Advertising was limited to selecting a few billboards where a dealer might anticipate reaching some mass group of prospective buyers. With programmatic digital out-of-home (PDOOH), dealers can automatically select digital inventory where data indicates their customers are likely to be. Even better, they can corroborate campaign exposure with location data to prove the effectiveness of PDOOH campaigns. Dealership Toolkit has access to 3.2 million screens in the US and Canada. Recently Great American RV SuperStores promoted their Super Sale on 189 screens in Louisiana.


CLUE: We have 44 Civic Sports for sale on our lot.

Answer: Who is ____________ can give you the answer to this question and a whole lot more. American Honda Motor Company, Inc. dealers PM to get in on the public beta.

1 Million Impressions!

Busy day today for the DSP. It served over 1 Million Impressions for OTT, DOOH, RMA, Native, and Retargeting Display ads all over North America. Now we watch and see how many of these people visit our dealers this week.


As Posted by Rich Delancey
I’m surprised not more has been debated or discussed in the LinkedIn Realm about the impending death of Google’s Expanded Text Ads. Now I may be getting old, but it seems like just yesterday that Expanded Text Ads were the newest and most significant thing to ever happen to advertisers. Marketing Tech firms spent millions developing software that would create the perfect ad. Companies like OfferLogix came up with penny-perfect APIs to display payments in the auto industry. Now, like a 1977 8-Track tape of Meatloaf’s “Bat out of Hell,” expanded text ads are to be just a pleasant memory.

Dealership Toolkit has been heavily involved in responsive ads since its inception. Even I being a Google OG, enjoy working with our team to develop headlines and descriptions that drive conversions. Today I was showing some old friends the success we were having with them. But we have never gone away from the Expanded Text Ad. Most of our ad groups have three ads. Expanded, Dynamic Inventory (which is expanded), and Expanded (which we can also employ dynamic inventory).

What’s the buzz on the street? Dealers, is your agency talking to you about this? Agencies, is it going to be more work for your staff coming up with 15 headlines and four descriptions for each ad? I worry about the OEM Plain Jane Vanilla Ads, with every dealer having the same 15 headlines. Will people just cheat and pin the same old three headlines they have always used.

Exciting times my friends. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Programmatic new storefront

Your (programmatic) new storefront. Throughout highways, offices, taxi cabs, movie theaters, and retail stores out of home advertising is the extension of your storefront. We feature your dealership as primary content in a highly captivating data-driven way.

On the buying side, an advertiser works with a DSP and chooses the parameters for their campaign (ie: location). The ad is then served across several screens (ie: Electronic billboards, restaurants, gas stations)… think Times Square! Once your campaign is launched, your ROI is measured by impressions, engagements and in store visits.


Do you want to See More about the Dealership Toolkit DSP…. Yes Please! Today’s programmatic buyer requires technology flexible enough to support their unique point of differentiation, but powerful enough to compete against the major platforms. Today’s programmatic buyer requires choice. Ready to start buying on your terms? Email [email protected] for a DSP demo today.