Ghost Data Geo

Ghost Data Geo

Statistics show that 5% of website traffic converts to a lead.

P.S. You paid for the other 95%, Dealership Toolkit helps you talk them

GeoFrame The Competition
With Ghost Data GeoFrame Technology, we generate custom audiences and locations with pinpoint accuracy. Targeting a precise location based on your competitors’ locations, campgrounds/marinas, and events can lead to better performing ad campaigns — and a higher return on investment (ROI).

**Location, Location, Location
Ghost Data GeoFrame is an effective method for helping you reach new customers. As soon as users enter or exit your fence, you capture their persona data which can be added to your marketing lists and your remarketing campaigns.

Integrate Ghost GeoFrame Data Into
Other Forms of Marketing
Ghost Data GeoFrame lets you remarket to your audience. When people enter your GeoFrame, they get added to a remarketing audience. They will later see ads for your business when browsing online, watching streaming TV or using a mobile app. The best part about geofencing marketing is that your money goes towards leads with the most interest in your dealership.
You can help nudge these leads towards conversion to earn more sales for your business. By using GeoFrame solutions, you’ll put your ad budget towards leads more likely to convert and gain a better return on investment (ROI) for your efforts.

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