Dealership Toolkit Programmatic Digital Advertising combines shopper insights, demographic data, and Automotive, RV, Powersports, and Marine audiences to serve a highly relevant message. We utilize additional tech to help raise your advertising bar. This “tech-first” mindset will give you another tool in your toolbelt. At Dealership toolkit, we believe in adding another layer of resources to reach our mutual goals together.


Search engine query ads

Digital Video

Video marketing for OTT/STV & DRIV

Rich Media Ads

Custom engaging experiences

Social Ads

Hyper-targeted social advertising

EFFICIENT Pay-per-click

At Dealership Toolkit, we have extensive experience leveraging PPC to drive growth for our dealers. We believe in starting with the data, especially when it comes to digital advertising and PPC. Data gives our team a focus for each campaign, which drives results while continually monitoring to improve performance.

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Digital video OTT/STV & DRIV

With Dealership Toolkit, your dealership video advertising can show more relevant ads to a specific viewer or household. A relevant ad experience means that rather than showing one ad for all viewers, you can now run different ads based on important viewer characteristics. For example, do you want to show a specific ad based on their age or even income level? This is a more powerful way to personalize and connect your content to the right viewer or household.


Rich Media Ads are an excellent tool for the Automotive, RV, Motorcycle, and Marine industries! The opportunities to engage the vehicle consumer no matter where they are in their buying cycle lets you serve up ads that are moving and thrilling, and place them in an unforgettable experience.

Google defines Rich Media Ads as the following, Rich Media Ads are digital display ads or banners with text, images, flash, video, or audio, that appear in defined areas of a website or social media platform. Their more impactful display leverages video, high-resolution images, and a variety of HTML coding to catch viewers’ attention, encourage them to click through to a landing page or your Dealership’s website, and take action.


Want your ads front and center of your shoppers? Whether it’s for new or used inventory such as RVs, cars, boats, or motorcycles, Dealership Toolkit’s Target Social Leads program allows you to utilize hypertargeting to refine your criteria on various metrics.

Maximize the efficiency of your ad budget through targeting based on:


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