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Call Center

•Dealership Toolkit Call Center service provides personalized real conversations by industry-trained salespeople.

•No bots or automation.

•Before the customer even steps inside your showroom, they will be provided with a consistent VIP experience 7 days a week.

•Your team will get valuable details about what they want to buy and when — with zero awkwardness.

•Dealership Toolkit offers your customers multiple lines of communication including Call, Text and Facebook Messenger to help you engage customers on their terms.

•Consolidated timelines keep customer interactions organized and searchable.

•Dealership Toolkit utilizes the Volie technology platform to power the management of your dealership’s lead handling communications so you can spend more time doing what you do best, selling and servicing cars.

We do what your BDC can’t or won’t do.

Most in-house BDC or Internet teams are good at hitting the hot lead hard as soon as it rolls into the CRM. Most online car shoppers are not sending leads & buying in the same week, much less the same day.

Your dealership is left with hundreds, even thousands of unqualified, uncorked, forgotten inbound leads that you paid good money for.  The fact is they had a degree of interest for a vehicle you sell, or they wouldn’t have submitted the lead.  Courting customers gives way to taking orders in most modern dealerships.
The end result is that today’s dealership convert around 10% of leads into sales on average. However you paid for all the leads, not just 10%. What happens with the other 90%?  Can you imagine the incremental revenue impact converting 15, 18 or even 20 percent of the leads?

We specialize in turning your old leads into appointments.  More appointments makes your dealership a much more fun and profitable place to be.
Call Center

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