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More Millennials Want to Be Vehicle Owners, So Boosting Customer Experience is Key

The millennials have been known to impact several industries, causing consumer behavior to shift significantly and transforming the business landscape. Years ago, many experts believed that millennials would not be interested in owning vehicles. The top reason backing this forecast was the growing environmental consciousness among millennials, which was believed to be the success driver […]

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2020 RV Industry Year-End Review: How Did the Market Fare Amid the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted businesses and industries in many unexpected ways. Restrictions on mobility has made it difficult to proceed with business as usual, forcing many companies to shift to a remote work setup. Apart from business owners, consumers have also faced major disruptions in their daily lives, thus causing their preferences and […]

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Utilizing Google’s BERT Algorithm for Vehicle Dealers to Create Effective and Reliable Content

It is no secret that in today’s digital age, the online space is a powerful and valuable asset. Nowadays, gadgets have become something of a necessity, making it normal to see everyone carrying a smartphone wherever they go. Likewise, the Internet has evolved into a top source of information, which billions of users browse through […]


How Did the Car Industry Fare Amid the Pandemic? Check Out the 2020 Year-End Review

How Did the Car Industry Fare Amid the Pandemic? Check Out the 2020 Year-End Review The COVID-19 pandemic has truly shaken the world, impacting people’s daily lives and disrupting the business landscape in more ways than one. Some industries, like travel and hospitality, have been hit particularly bad due to the need for limited face-to-face […]