In a time where dealerships have had to scale back significantly on staffing, tough decisions are being made on how to move forward.  We’ve had many conversations with dealers on whether or not scaling back on an internal BDC makes sense versus hiring an outside team. We’ve come up with a few topics to address this decision dealers are now having to make.

Cost– Some think outsourcing a BDC will cost more money and that’s not always the case.  Outsourcing eliminates the need for you to find space, desks, equipment, hire a manager to lead the team, and the salaries of multiple employees. An outsourced BDC will save roughly 30% on average and the external team will even handle after hour leads.

Technology– Good technology isn’t cheap. There’s a difference between a team picking up the phone and dialing out on your dealership line vs utilizing a dialer that can call 100 people an hour. Efficiency with a BDC is key and the right equipment matters.

Staffing churn–  Most dealers would prefer not to worry about the churn of BDC agents. An outsourced BDC focuses only on setting appointments, period. They know exactly who to hire, what to train and how to train.  They’ll have a larger pool of agents on hand if needed and customer service is their priority.

Use of BDC– A benefit of using an external BDC is you can use them as little or as much as you like. Maybe you want to utilize them for a campaign for sales, service, or CSI. Most dealerships will use a full BDC to handle all inbound leads through phone and online sources,  but having the option to use them based on your needs is a real win.

Culture– An off site BDC should immerse themselves in your culture, brand and in-store team. Lengthy discussions should be had prior to the start of the relationship on your current process, word tracks, why buys, etc. Knowing who you are as a dealership is critical when representing your name on every call.

You’ll want to interview your prospective BDC partners. Understand who they are, how they work, what type of equipment they use, how they train their staff and what results to expect. Ask how other dealers are utilizing them and how they intend to integrate with your internal Sales Managers and team. A cohesive relationship between Sales and BDC is a necessity or it won’t work. Your Sales Manager should feel like the outsourced BDC is right down the hall.  With these two departments in sync, you’re guaranteed to get more appointments and sales.