In this new era of virtual car buying, video is going to be more important than ever. More people will be on your website browsing and asking questions and someone needs to be there to respond.  Some will want to come in the showroom but others may still be practicing social distancing. This new era of selling gives the consumer options.

Is it enough to simply send back an email or hear a voice on the other end of the line? A customer that chooses to continue social distancing will be losing the showroom experience, the distinct smell of the new car, the feel of the wheel on a test drive, and the handshake or smile of a salesperson that begins to develop trust. 

While some might prefer to not have those experiences, others, as they progress through the process, may realize they need it to seal the deal. We know that people buy from those they feel they can trust. Video can differentiate you vs any other dealer with a virtual process. But how can video build trust? Let’s review a few ways.

The Introduction

Your last chance to make a first impression. When a lead comes in,  create a formatted template email, but with video. Let your personality shine by responding with a smile, a hello, and a, “Thank you Mrs. Smith for inquiring with ABC Motors, my name is Trisha and I would be happy to help you with your inquiry. Here’s how our new online process is going to work….” Make them feel welcome with a personalized video. 72% of consumers say they will only engage with personalized marketing messages. It goes a long way making someone feel like you’ve gone above and beyond vs a basic email response.

The Dealership Brand

Here’s a great way to share your “Why Buys”.  While waiting for you to get back to them with specific vehicle info, send them another video. “Mrs. Clark, while you’re waiting for the information, I wanted to make sure you’re aware of a few things we do here at ABC Motors that we believe set us apart from the rest.” Take the opportunity to highlight in person on video why you deserve the business.

The Product

If you’re selling virtual, get that video walk- around done in person on the specific vehicle, RV, boat, or motorcycle they’re interested in.

Consumers are more likely to buy a product online after watching the video.

There is no need for long drawn out production. You should be able to use a simple tool that takes no more than 10 minutes to produce from and that should include your intro, a full walk-around, and edits.  BDV is a simple and easy tool that anyone in your dealership can use for this purpose.  Be creative with it, don’t bore them with every little detail. The dealership that provides just enough and a quality product demo will gain the trust and earn the business.

We’re in a new forced age of selling virtual and each individual that touches a customer must become a marketer. It’s time to embrace video to brand yourself, the dealership, and your product. Earning the trust of your new virtual customers depends on it.

Trisha Clark

VP of Marketing & Partnerships

Trisha Clark has spent the past 20 years serving and consulting dealers in Marketing, Advertising, and phone handling.