BDV is our Business Development Video App.

Spend 2 Quick Minutes with Kevin Elliott Media Content Specialist at Dixie RV SuperStores. Kevin demonstrates how BDV make his day easier and makes Dixie’s website more content rich. Dealership Toolkit’s Dealer Video Merchandising App for your Smartphone, BDV Inventory, enables your team to record VIN specific walk-arounds, videos, pictures, 360° Views and human voiceovers. These videos are then sent to your website, RV Trader, RVT and dozens of other third-party sites. They are also available for your sales department use in BDV’s Video Lead Response module.

Visit the BDV product page ( or watch this simple 2 minute video of the app in action

Meaghan Cooper, VP of BDC Operations, spoke at RVDA and dealers cannot stop talking about it!

VP of BDC Operations Meaghan Cooper got a cool shoutout in this month’s edition of RV News. Read about Meaghan’s presentation at RVDA and get caught up on all things RV.