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COVID-19 has increased dealer leads like never before. RV, Automotive, Power Sports, and Marine Dealers are finding it more and more challenging to keep up with the demands of today’s digitally-savvy customer.  Powered by an AI-enhanced customer contact platform, data technology, experienced industry professionals, and deep customer insights, our Business Development Agents bring a more informed and intelligent approach to appointment setting. As a result, your buyers receive a more personalized and enjoyable purchasing experience.  Dealership Toolkit brings dealers, their customers, and prospects closer together.

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Our job starts with understanding what Dealer Principals, Managers, and Sale/Service team members need to do their job better. With an incredibly talented and successful dealer advisory network compromised of the top players in RV, Marine, Automotive and Powersports field, Dealership Toolkit stands ready to push into new frontiers of technological innovation.

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…”Since giving Dealership Toolkit my trust, I have been able to focus more time on running my business and delivering the quality of service to my customers that they deserve. Thank you!”

JosephOwner at: Designify

Jan 15, 2020

“The BDV app has managed to, simultaneously, simplify and enhance our inventory merchandising process. We shoot more units in the same amount of time, WITH VIDEO that edits itself, and we don’t have to upload to HomeNet because BDV syncs with our website. Perhaps best of all, the photographers at our other 4 locations don’t have to organize and send me photos via Dropbox. The automation reduces human error. It supports my new iPhone 11 Pro Max. We’re actually having a great time with it!”

Kevin ElliotMedia Content Specialist