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We Serve The Retail Floor

We know our worth to a dealership is not based on pie-in-the-sky analytic data, but rather how many customers we can get to walk into your showroom.  We work hard everyday to give your sales floor the support they need.  Let your sales team do what they do best, sell floor traffic.  We'll do the rest.


Meaghan Cooper, VP of BDC Operations for Dealership Toolkit, has been running BDC departments for nearly 10 years. While her first love is Automotive, she also has a passion for working with RV, Marine and Powersports dealers as well.  Meaghan's teams excel in serving dealers in a virtual BDC environment. Their capacity to assist dealers in achieving their optimum potential for lead management results and phone sales techniques is unmatched in the industry. Meaghan is driven to maximize a dealer's strategy to increase their closing ratio.


Your Online Dealership utilizes the Dealership Toolkit suite of technology to guide their process.  We will integrate with your dealership's CRM to give a seamless experience for your sales staff and customers.  Proprietary Technology available only to Your Online Dealership Include:

  • TSL
  • BDV
  • RVP
  • LCT 
  • AST
  • And More...

Aaren is a Team Lead with extensive experience working in the BDC at America's top RV and Automotive dealerships

Lewis is an automotive superstar who cut his teeth with subprime financing operations. With family in the RV business Lewis is a double threat.

Armando is a call center veteran that moved from Miami to join the team. Your customers will appreciate his gentle demeanor. Your sales managers will appreciate his appointment setting rates.

Aaren Chastain

Lewis Shroyer

Armando Cajuso

Get a Free 30 Day Mystery Shop Of Your Dealership



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3 Different Inquiries from numbers local to your area.

Leads submitted via phone, internet and chat (if available).

10 Day follow-up process where we will stay engaged with your sales person to see how they advance the sale.

Complete Reporting and Scoring along with executive analysis of your dealership's performance.

What Percentage of your Digital Leads Convert to Appointments and then Convert To Sales?

If you don't know or don't want to know the answer to this question, we can help.  The age of the Internet presents a difficult conundrum for RV dealers seeking to woo and win the business of customers.  As consumers use the web to research and compare RVs, they come into the dealership more empowered and knowledgeable than ever before. At the same time, sites like Amazon and Google have given today’s customers a taste for highly personalized experiences, and that human touch is as important as ever for dealers looking to close a sale.  

Just as dealer principals have invested heavily in their showrooms to make them warm and comfortable for customers, dealerships have come to realize the importance of making their digital presence just as inviting and personal.  To accomplish this many dealerships  forming in-house BDC departments to help turn online leads into sales.  The problem with an in-house is BDC starts with the expense.  Above and beyond salaries and commissions, taxes, benefits and infrastructure make an in-house BDC a costly endeavor.  

Your Online Dealership, YOD, by Dealership Toolkit can give you the benefits of your own in-house BDC at a 40% of the cost of doing it yourself.  Our scalable virtual solution is undistinguishable from dealers who have BDC departments physically located at the dealership.  Through the use of DID phone numbers, dedicated staff, and real-time chat communication between the YOD team and our sales managers consumers get a better experience and buy more RVs.

Because we work in your CRM, 100% of our activities are transparent.  This transparency is further enhanced with YOD's world class reporting platform.  A unique web-based solution, YOD gives you straightforward dealership reporting on all BDC related sales activity.  So you can know 24 hours a day how many of your leads convert to appointments and how many convert to sales.

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